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Watch as our resident technical pen expert Jeremy Darge walks you through the essential steps of getting started with your new technical drawing pens.

How to do it:

Step 1
Remove pen barrel/handle

Step 2
holding the pen vertically, fill it with ink through the hole in the pen’s reservior until it reaches the ‘Max fill’ line

Step 3
Close the ink reservoir by rotating the reservoir 180 degrees

Step 4
Using a gentle side to side motion shake the pen a few times (you will hear it clicking)

Step 5
Test the pen by drawing a few lines to see if the ink is flowing, if not repeat step 4

Step 6
Once your pen is working reassemble it by replacing the barrel/handle and cap

Shop for your own pens here.

Or get a complete technical drawing kit here.

Advice and Tips for Architecture Students

We will be running a number of drop-in sessions for students where we will be giving advice on the use and care of technical pens and other architectural items.
Also if you are having issues with a pen or have damaged it we may be able to repair it or recommend a fix.

Rumour has it that there will be refreshments on offer in the form of coffee and BEER!

Just come to our creative space (upstairs at the shop) at any of the times listed below. No need to book

September 2018
Monday 24th 3pm-5pm
Wednesday 26th 3pm-5pm
Friday 28th 3pm-5pm

October 2018
Monday 1st 3pm-5pm
Friday 5th 3pm-5pm









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