Oil Painting

We have various oil paint ranges to suit different pockets and different styles.

The Winsor and Newton Artist Oil Colour Paint. Old Holland Classic Oil Colour Paints and Spectrum Oil Colours are high quality oil paints which are very popular with professional artists across the world.
As a beginner or student, you may want to start with the Winton Oil Paints or the Pebeo Studio XL Oil as there are more moderately priced and more suited to beginners or artists wanting to work on a large scale.
We also have the Winsor and Newton water mixable oil colour – Artisan, Griffin Alkyd fast drying oil paint and the Artists’ Oilbar.
To accompany the paints, we also have a great range of oils, mediums and varnishes and of course some gift sets.
Oil Colour Paint can be painted on primed canvas and specialised oil painting papers. There is also a great choice of oil painting brushes and painting knives for laying down thick colour. Apart from the Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour, you will also need help cleaning your brushes and palettes after use. The Masters Brush Cleaner should do the trick.


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