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We visited artist Jacky Radbone in her West Oxfordshire studio to discuss her recent 30 day painting challenge.

On a warm September afternoon, we are welcomed to a studio described by self-taught artist Jack Radbone as ‘the cwtch’. Located in the picturesque countryside Jacky’s studio is indeed cosy. We immediately settle in and are treated to a rare glimpse of the artist at work. After seeing Jacky’s posts on her Instagram page (@jackyradbone) about her painting challenge we knew that we had to get in touch. Jacky tells us that she decided to take on the painting challenge, where she painted an oil painting every day throughout September, to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity close to the artist’s heart. Each painting takes about two hours to complete and Jacky tells us that ‘people have really got behind it.’ This becomes even more apparent when we find out she has raised a whopping £755 through the sale of the paintings.

Jacky has a message for anyone thinking of taking on there own artistic challenge, ‘you’ve got to be up for a challenge, it keeps you going. If I can do it anybody can do it.’

Well done Jacky! you are an inspiration.

To find out more about Jacky and her work visit:

To make a donation to Cancer Research UK visit www.cancerresearchuk.org

Need materials to take on your own oil painting challenge? Check out our range here.



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