Pebeo XL Studio Oil Paint Colour Chart

Pebeo Studio XL Oil Colour Glaze Paint 200ml

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Pebeo Studio XL Oil Colour Glaze Paint 200ml


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Product Description

The Studio XL Oil Colour Paint by Pebeo is an artist quality paint at a reasonable price and economical size.
Unlike the standard oil colour paints on the market, the Studio XL colours dry quickly to the touch, allowing for additional coats within just 3 days.
In the range there are also 7 Dyna colours and 5 glaze colours. The glaze colours are transparent and ready to use. The Dyna colours are made using interference pigments giving them an iridescent finish that alters depending on the angle of light refraction.
All of the colours are intermixable and are available individually to buy in 200ml tubes and in various gift sets.


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