Mabef M/104 Pochade Box Easel 24x33cm.

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Mabef M/104 Pochade Box Easel 24x33cm.



Product Description

Made of oiled beechwood, the MABEF M104 pochade box features a sliding palette with holes to hold five brushes. The sliding supports can hold two canvas panels and there is a threaded fitting on the bottom that works with a photography tripod or the MABEF Wooden Tripod M/A30.
This quality box easel from Mabef has double compartments for storage of paint, brushes and accessories. It can accommodate canvas panels up to 6inx 8in.
Depth: 10inches or 25cm
Width: 13 and 3/4inches or 35cm
Height when closed: 5inches or 12cm
Weight: 5 and 1/4lbs or 2.4kg
Maximum Panel Size: 24x18cm or 9 and 1/2inches x 7inches.

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